Monday, April 7, 2014

Personal Investing @ GDL

April is Financial Literacy Month
Personal Investing @ Genesee District Library

Genesee District Library is committed to increasing the financial literacy of Genesee County residents and preparing them (you!) to make informed decisions concerning money. 
In this first of several posts, we'll explore some introductory resources for the beginning investor. Not sure where to start? Let us help! Click below to read full post.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Upcoming Genealogy Workshops

Genealogy 101 Workshops
Wednesday, March 12: 6:00 PM
Saturday, April 12, 12 Noon 

Grand Blanc McFarlen Library

For the spring 2014 term, Genesee District Library is offering two identical seminars introducing genealogy research to those looking to learn more about their family tree. These seminars are intended for the novice researcher, and will introduce available online and print resources and best techniques for searching. Not sure where to start? This workshop is for you!

Because this is a workshop, attendees will be encouraged to put the information to work and investigate their lineage at one of 10 laptops that will be available during the seminar. Prefer to use a laptop from home? Bring it along and connect to the library's wireless internet to join in. 

Discover the hobby so many others enjoy and make a reservation on GDL's March or April calendar of events. Events, held in our Grand Blanc branch, will last about 1 hour and each attendee will receive a printed list of resources covered during the session.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Business Resources!

2014 Brings Additional Resources for Our Patrons

Last year was a great year for Genesee District Library and the Business Center. Our electronic books and music service through Overdrive continues to grow in popularity and many more are discovering this new service each month. If you received a tablet or e-reader over the holidays, check out GDL's Digital Branch to search our e-book collection and download your next great read. It's available 24/7 using your library bar code and PIN. The Business Center became a certified Business Resource Center through the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) through Kettering University, and we have continued to partner with local organizations to provide free business counseling to local entrepreneurs.

This year looks to be even better, as GDL has several exciting new resources coming available for the business owner / entrepreneur and investor, in addition to free online access to your favorite magazine. 

First, for business owners and entrepreneurs completing their business plan, we will being offering access to two Mergent resources: Key Business Ratios and First Research. Key Business Ratios (KBR) was purchased to facilitate more accurate price and cost estimating and provide industry benchmarks. Estimating costs and determining a sensible pricing structure is essential to any well-written business plan and this database will aid in this process.  

First Research, also beneficial to the aspiring business owner, provides market-specific information for more than 900 industries. Currently having access to industry trends for large sectors through Mergent Archives, First Research will help business patrons hone their research by individual industry, in addition to Census information which is currently available.These Mergent products should be available starting mid-January; links to each will be available via the Business Center Resources page.

Second, and for the investor, GDL has added the Newsletter module to our Morningstar Investment Research Center database. The Business Center does stock several investment newsletters in print, but these newsletters from Morningstar are especially valuable for the investor, as they give access to analysis from one of the most trusted, unbiased sources, Morningstar, written by the experts in the field, CFPs and CFAs. 

Sample first page of DividendInvestor Newsletter

 There are 4 newsletters, one each for Funds, Stocks, Dividends, and ETFs. And we're not talking a couple pages, no, each newsletter published monthly is 15+ pages of analysis, and is yours to download and keep. In addition to ValueLine, and the information you're already using from Morningstar, you're in a terrific position to make wise financial decisions, or make time with your investment professional all the more efficient. Access to each newsletter, available via the Personal Finance Resources page, should begin February 1. 

Last, as mentioned at the start, GDL also now provides access to your favorite magazines electronically and at no cost to you. Beginning with the last couple of  issues, begin reading your favorite magazine through the Zinio link from our homepage. Login with your library bar code to gain free access, then create a Zinio account to begin. Download and read any of the 60+ magazines at your convenience and with no check out dates. You download and keep any magazine(s) you choose. No limit. This service is available now, so check it out.

For more information stop by the Business Center at the Grand Blanc branch and speak with Trevor, the Business Librarian, or for help with Zinio see any GDL staff member at your local branch.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The 3 Credit Bureaus and Your Privacy

Control Who Sells Your Information: Read the Fine Print
Equifax, with TransUnion, and Experian (mentioned below) make up the Big 3 Bureaus
A few weeks back Financial Plus Federal Credit Union held a seminar here at the Grand Blanc branch outlining steps to protect your identity and what to do if it is stolen. It was an informative program and one bit of information I learned really bothered me, not only because demographic information like spending habits, age, and likely income was being sold, but that it is the very organizations that help us fight ID theft which offer it for sale.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Managing the Finances of Others

 While managing one's personal finances is a significant responsibility, many Americans find themselves responsible for the financial decisions of others. Whether it's an aging parent who needs financial guidance or a friend who is sick or injured, it's no easy task. Thankfully, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has recently published a set of documents to help those who are helping others with their finances.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

What Purpose Does Money Serve?

If money is a means to an end, whats your end?
Thanks to Forbes, I have been introduced to a fantastically practical and already popular blog Mr. Money Mustache. Funny name, yes, but don't let that fool you, this blog is serious about money - saving money. This blog is the ongoing story of one Colorado family (a couple and their child) who set out to retire at age 30 and how they saved enough money ($800,000) to do so. I want to talk a little about their particular situation and how they value money. It's fairly uncommon and frankly, a little extreme, but it has greatly affected me this week.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Affordable Care Act and You

Open Enrollment Starts October 1

There's been a lot of talk about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and what it means for our lives. Just this morning there was talk on one of the networks that the law remained unclear to many, and understandably so, as we haven't yet seen its full effect. But you don't have to be confused! Here I want to briefly outline what the new law could mean for you and your family. The information here is from the State of Michigan and the US Government, so let's look deeper and get beyond the media hype. Understanding how insurance works is never easy, but you can be better prepared by doing a little reading before October 1.