Thursday, July 16, 2015

Recent Library Updates

Paint, plus a new digital scanner!

Main Reading Room

We continue to improve the Grand Blanc branch as Summer progresses, the latest changes being the newly painted reading room and the installation of a new Library Document Scanner (LDS). 

Words of inspiration will be added to the blue stripe along the wall, in large while letters in fun fonts, which will create a more welcoming, cozy place to read and study. 

New Scanner near PC Lab
 For the last 2 years or so the Grand Blanc branch had a portable digital scanner which was complicated and not easily understood by library staff or the community. It worked, but it wasn't ideal. When we decided what improvements would be made using the generous gift by Dr. and Mrs. Claffey, an easy to use, self-serve scanner was on the list to modernize our services. It is already saving time and money for our patrons. In the middle of typing this post I helped a patron send her scanned document via email and saved her the cost of faxing!

So what can this scanner do? After scanning your document, you have the choice of emailing it to yourself or others or saving it to a USB/Flash drive (you can see the USB drive between the screen and scanner above). Previously you had to scan one page at a time, which was time-consuming, but this new machine has a top-feeder which allows you to scan many pages at once at the touch of a button. 

Documents or photos can be saved as PDF, JPEG, or TIF files, and the color and quality can also be adjusted. In addition, the scanner also acts as a back-up printer if the main Xerox machine is in use. Copies at this machine are also 10 cents. 

The last benefit is the ability to convert a document into Microsoft Word (.doc) format. We see many people who have a printed copy of their resume, but don't have a corresponding electronic copy. Previously this meant they have to retype the resume from scratch if they wanted to make changes, but  this this scanner will make that unnecessary. Stop by to check it out!

Printer and scanning bed for LDS machine

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Children's Room Completed!

The Children's Room and Our Next Steps
We're very pleased that the Children's Room addition to McFarlen Library has been completed, and is already being enjoyed by local families! If you've not visited lately, please stop by and check it out!
New Early Literacy Stations (Upper L) and new shelf caps (R)
The addition contains "Easy Readers" and new games and activities
Another view of building addition
Now that the Children's Room is completed, our focus has shifted to both the Teen Room and sitting area near the newspapers and magazines. Just this week library staff came together and reviewed furniture options for each of these spaces. Also in progress is a vast collection of modern signage which will appear in all areas of the library. It will help people new to our building efficiently locate exactly what they need. As always, stay tuned for future updates!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Construction Update #7

Children's Room Progress!
On Monday and Tuesday of this week the carpeting was installed in our children's room! The funding for this carpet was generously donated by the Grand Blanc Community Fund, part of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. We are tremendously grateful for this gift!
Almost done! 3/23/15

With the carpet laid, the design team can move forward with the interior remodel of both the children and teen spaces. The children's shelving units you see above will be lowered for ease of access and provide an unobstructed view across the room. We are also gaining children's computer stations and additional seating space for our growing community. Keep checking back for more updates!
Carpet installed!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Construction Update #6

Construction Continues...slowly

It's been quite a while since we last updated you on the progress of our renovation. There have been some issues that have arisen which have slowed us down, mainly in the Children's area, which are preventing the carpet from being laid. Because some shelving from the Children's room will be used in the new Teen space, the Teen renovations have also been paused. 
Hopefully the carpet will be laid soon and the renovations will be completed by the end of March. We appreciate your continued patience as we expand and improve your library!

Friday, January 30, 2015

SBDC Expands at Kettering!

Library Partner Expands @ Kettering University
GDL's Business Librarian and Head of Marketing were both in attendance yesterday as the I-69 Corridor Region of the Michigan Small Business Development Center celebrated their expansion. Having previously shared office space with 2 other organizations, this grand opening marked their first purpose-built space at Kettering University. Pictured below: Flint Mayor Walling, SBDC Regional Director Marsha Lyttle, Kettering University President McMahan (rear) , and University Provost Dr. James Zhang.  

President McMahan & Director Marsha Lyttle

The SBDC office has been an essential partner for Genesee District Library as we continue to connect our community to available business resources. Check out the TV coverage on  ABC12 and WNEM 5 that appeared yesterday night!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Construction Update #5

Interior Renovation Continues
It's been a while since we last posted about the ongoing renovations here at the library. If you've been in lately, you're well aware that we're not finished yet, but there has been considerable progress. Check out the photos below!

You'll notice our new, larger computer lab which consists of new chairs, tables, and wider monitors. With the tall book cases gone the hall is not only more spacious, but much brighter! We are also adding 4 computers which will arrive soon. The counter along the wall in the second photo will house the printer and new, user-friendly, scanning station.
Old Computer Lab

The old computer lab has already been cleared and will become space for our teen fiction collection. The closet has also been emptied and will become the staging area used by our shelvers to sort items before they are shelved.
New Sitting Area

Years ago the area above was a sitting area and since the teen material will be moved, this again will be used to house our newspapers and other magazines. Staff and patrons enjoy the large picture window we have looking toward Perry Road and now it can be enjoyed more fully while you read.
Main Reading Room

The main reading room has also seen some changes which we think you'll enjoy. First, our large paperback collection has been moved to regular upright shelving, so you'll no longer need to spin the racks to locate a specific book. The collection remains in order by genre. With all of these standing spinning racks gone, we were able to increase the seating in this room by 10 or more by using the two tables which had been in the hall.
The fiction book shelves were also altered and you'll notice that there are more of them. The reference collection, as well as the paperbacks were moved to this area. The study booths from the hall can also be found in this room and will be electrified soon to provide outlets for laptops and other devices.
The new children's addition is also progressing nicely, but with the false wall between us and the new area, a photo isn't possible at this time. The construction part of the children's addition will continue for several weeks, after which the interior crew will take over.
Stay warm!