Job Hunting

Looking for work can be stressful and time-consuming. A carefully written Resume and Cover Letter will help as you try to stand out from the crowd. It is worth spending considerable time on each, and asking someone to proofread for you to ensure an error-free resume. The Business Center stocks many resume, cover letter, and phrase books to aid you as you write your resume and cover letter.

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Cover Letters
It is always better to write a cover letter with a specific job in mind, and after carefully reading an advertised job posting that interests you. While writing your cover letter, be sure to connect the desired qualifications and experience with your own employment history. The more clearly you marry your experience with the employer's requirements the more likely they will be to consider you a serious applicant. While only 3-5 paragraphs in length, the cover letter is often the most difficult portion of your job application to write.

 Where to Look
So where should you look for job postings? Listed below are some common job advertising websites. Keep in mind that not all jobs are posted to sites outside the company's own website. 

Want to work for a specific company? Check their website first, and look for a Careers, Employment, Opportunities, or Human Resources link.  

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