Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to the Bricks!

I have been reading automotive magazines and the latest car reviews since childhood. As I was driving home from the library the other day there was no mistaking that Back to the Bricks was in full swing on S. Saginaw here in Grand Blanc. People lined the street watching (and listening) to the beefed-up muscle cars, and I happened to be driving behind one seriously loud Mustang.

Like to know more about the Big Three? Stop in to the Business Center, just east of S. Saginaw on Perry Road and check out the numerous books which chronicle the auto industry from its early days to the present. Here are two:

Pelfry, a Michigan Native, has worked in PR for General Motors

Vlasic, the Detroit bureau chief  for the NYT, has also written a book about the Daimler/Chrysler merger.

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