Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Women of Newsweek

On my drive home from the library on Wednesday evening, I happened to be listening to American Public Media's The Story on local public radio. Host Dick Gordon was interviewing Lynn Povich, the first female senior editor at Newsweek, and one of many women that brought suit against the magazine in the 1970s for sex discrimination. Povich, who has also edited Working Women magazine, has written the above book, entitled The Good Girls Revolt, which not only recounts her experiences at Newsweek, but also includes discussion of why equality is an ongoing process. 

The day after hearing the show, the copy I ordered for the Business Center arrived! Check the catalog for availability, and place a hold if it has been checked-out. You can also listen to the interview on APM by clicking here.

Enjoy this first weekend of autumn!

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