Sunday, January 13, 2013

Book Review: A Must Read

Incredibly Irreverent, Inside Take on the Hospitality Industry

Tomsky writes with extensive first-hand knowledge of hotels and how they operate, and after reading his first book, the advice could very well improve your next reservation.

Free upgrades: sure.
Free movies and minibar items: no problem. 
Desk attendant replies "there's nothing I can do:" it's a lie. 

The author has seen it all and stresses that respect goes a very long way in this business (as do generous tips). He holds nothing back, uses coarse language, but the result will leaving you laughing, I know I did. Starting in New Orleans, and ending in New York City, the book will no doubt affect your next interaction with desk attendants, bellman, and doormen. 
 You might get a free upgrade, too.    

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