Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Resource: Mergent Archives!

Genesee District Library patrons now enjoy access to Mergent Archives online!

Gain investment perspective and download industry research from the experts at Ford Equity Research.


Mergent Archives, available on GDL Business Center's resource page, consists of four general areas, seen in the screen clipping above; this post will concentrate on the last two, Industry  & Equity Reports.
Industry Tab Search Screen
One purpose of the Business Center is to provide business owners with the most current industry data available, and the Industry Report section of Mergent Archives is a useful tool to gain a snapshot of large industries world-wide. Updated several times each year, Mergent's industry reports are regional (North America, Europe, Asia, etc) and include a detailed overview followed by additional information regarding the industry size, value, employment, and the current trading environment. As you can see in the search screen above, you can search by company name, industry, and limit your search to relevant years.

Page 1 of a North American Retail Report

These reports are lengthy but nicely packaged and easy to digest. If you're looking for industry data, Mergent Archives is an excellent resource. 


The Equity Reports tab of Mergent Archives will be an asset to any investor looking for market analysis from the experts at Ford Equity Research. Ford rates each company in various areas, including Earnings Strenth, Relative Valuation, and Price Movement, and then gives the stock a buy, hold, or sell classification. Also included is the performance of known competitors and their respective stock ratings.

Equity Report Search, in part

 As you can see in the search box above, Mergent allows you to search in multiple ways, including by a stock's ratings, company name, or ticker symbol. In addition, it is possible to produce a list of all companies in a given industry or sub-industry, by using the other search capability, seen below.

Equity Report Search Function
With this function you are able to narrow your list of companies to most closely  reflect your needs. I downloaded the analysis of PepsoCo Inc, and have included a small portion of the first page below. 

Sample Company Report, in part

Remember, most resources available to you through Genesee District Library are available via your home computer by visiting our homepage paired with a current library account and PIN. If you have trouble accessing a resource please let us know. The Business Librarian is happy to help you as you navigate Mergent, ValueLine, Morningstar, or any personal finance resource available on our website.

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