Monday, April 28, 2014

Stock & Fund Analysis @ GDL

Get Expert Advice Before You Invest
Your Library Card Is More Valuable Than Ever

When you think "library card" it's natural for our minds to jump to printed books. While this remains accurate, it's only a fraction of what Genesee District Library makes available to you at no charge. Thousands of e-books are downloaded every month to kindles and tablets of all kinds, and our new magazine service, Zinio, offers you over 100 magazine subscriptions for download to your PC/Mac or tablet. 

Further down the list of what you might expect your library to provide is investment information. More often than not, when people stop by the business center and see the collection of over 3,500 books, they are most surprised by the extensive selection of investment titles. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and investment strategies for the novice or expert are all covered and readily available.

What's more, GDL also provides access to trusted, unbiased, and current stock and fund analysis via Morningstar Investment Research Center, ValueLine, and Mergent Archives, all conveniently available from your home computer via the Personal Finance resources link on our homepage. 

Using Morningstar you can search and compare funds, read the latest analyst reports for the fund family, or enter a ticker symbol for 1 page company stock summaries. Wanting to learn more? Click on Morningstar's "Help & Education" tab for investment tutorials, or select the "Newsletters" tab for a in-depth selection of monthly reports for stocks, mutual funds, dividend investing, or ETFs. 

Morningstar is also hosting several free live-streaming investment seminars this year, all of which will be available in the Grand Blanc branch's Community Room. The next seminar is Thursday, June 19 @ 6:00 PM, and the topic will be Dividend Paying Stocks. Click here to make a reservation.

ValueLine is another popular library resource that provides stock and company analysis. Check out the companies highlighted in each week's Ratings & Reports, or read market analysis in the "Selection & Opinion" pages.

 Mergent Archives, available via the Business Center Resources tab on our homepage, provides additional research from Ford Equity Research, a Mergent Company. Check the latest recommendation of a current or prospective stock, or search for recommended buys, sells, or holds from Ford Equity. Want to add a specific industry to your portfolio? Tailor your equity search by limiting market cap, recommendation type, and/or industry to find exactly what you need.

Again, these resources are updated regularly and available from your home computer with a valid GDL library card. Don't have one yet? Stop by any branch and sign up today.

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